3 Reasons Why I Am Excited About Scheduling Meetings In Churches

In the last few weeks, I have been spending most of my time calling churches, sending letters and emails, answering the same questions, over and over, from pastors and church secretaries. Don’t I have better things to do? Isn’t anything else going on for the Lord in Portugal? I have to be honest, this is not the most exciting activity that I could be doing right now. Why, then do I do it? And why am I so happy each time I am able to add another meeting to the calendar? (more…)

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May ’13 Prayer Letter

  Dear Prayer Partners,

The new convert’s class started in Albufeira with 11 people in attendance. We are hoping to get at least two more in this 12 week class. All that attended had a good spirit and committed to read and study their Bibles, prayer, church attendance and personal evangelism. Lenildo and I will be taking turns between the adult SS class and this class. It is obvious that the enemy of our souls is not happy with this Biblical teaching effort. Some of the new believers in this class are struggling with different situations, please pray for them. I was able to talk with two couples that, because of the teaching got under conviction about the fact that they were not married. Please pray as they now pursue the necessary legal arrangements. (more…)

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What About Portugal?

By Jerome Pittman

It is very common for families living in Ireland or Great Britain to take what is often referred to as a “Sun Holiday”. Last summer my family and I took our “Sun Holiday” to the country of Portugal.

Portugal is located in the most Southwestern corner of Europe located between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. When we arrived we found the people in Portugal friendly and warm, as the Portuguese sun. (more…)

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