September ’20 Prayer Letter

Dear Prayer Partners,                                                                           September 2020

I’m writing to you from Pennsylvania. It has been great spending time with family. Due to Aura’s mom’s health, the fact that we have these opportunities are, in my estimation, a blessing from God and we treasure each moment. We will this week start to visit some churches. Some of them already support us, and some of them are new. Would you pray the we have good meetings, that we are able to be good witnesses of God’s amazing power to save through Christ and that we could see others encouraged in their missions’ efforts and various ministries. We will be staying in the US until mid-November. We still have some dates available in October, if you would like us to come in and encourage your church in the area of missions and church-planting.

Talking about God’s power, it’s been amazing to see Him at work in our little corner of the world. We found a nice park in Fundão (that is where we are starting a new church) and we took the services outside! Every Sunday we set up chairs and we’ve have several people visit and some of them have stayed and are now part of our group! We now have a “problem”. Now that the cooler weather is arriving, and we will need to take the service inside again, the current group is too big for the storefront we have rented. We are now looking for a larger venue to have our services in. Would you pray that we find a place soon?

The Sunday before leaving to the US was a special Sunday for the church in Castelo Branco. We had 4 people baptized and a total of 12 people joined the church. That took the membership from 24 to 36. You do the math, but that that is a pretty amazing growth percentage! And during the pandemic! But that is not all. It’s amazing to see what is going on in that church. The number of people actively involved in the ministry has also grown. We had two men voted in as pastoral assistants. Another man in the church is leading a group of people called “The Hospitality Team”, they take care of all the welcoming, seating, visitor registration, etc. We have started a volunteer secretary ministry and different people in the church are being trained and already performing the administrative work of the ministry. Regarding this, a procedure manual is being prepared that will become a valuable resource for the current and new churches in the country. There is a lot of helping going on as well. Several families in the church are actively helping with some serious problems in the community regarding to unemployment, and other issues. All of this, believers using their God-given talents to give testimony of the Gospel of Christ in the community is amazing to see. Please pray for this young church in Castelo Branco, that the Lord would keep it faithful and safe.

Due to Covid, we ended up not having camp this summer at the Mount of Olives. We had a one-day event at the camp for our local teens (a reduced group) and that was a blessing. We are praying that we can get back to normal camp activities in 2021. We have received a little over 1000$ of the 6000$ needed for the new roof at the camp. If you would like to help with this need, just let us know.

Thank you for your love and support for the ministry in Portugal.

In His Service, Mark and Aura Pereira

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