What to do about Portugal Day?

June 10th is Portugal Day. This is a special occasion for the many million Portuguese speaking people around the world. Many years ago, we started setting this day aside as a special prayer day for this nation. The churches we have been involved with have kept it up and it is special to hear about how groups of people throughout Portugal get together to pray specifically for Portugal, its leaders, its churches, souls in need of Christ, for the work of the Gospel in this country and for those that have been used to support it.

As you probably know, I am 110% Portuguese and I will be forever grateful that a missionary came here and told me about the Gospel of Christ. God is so powerful that he is saving even the Portuguese! He chose to do that through missionaries and through supporters like you.

This year we also celebrated Portugal Day. After a church wide picnic we had a special prayer service and different people prayed for a great moving of God in this country. We believe it could be our generation to witness a time of Gospel preaching and church planting in this unreached European country like never yet seen in the history of the world.

Three years ago we started the “Portugal Day Offering” idea. This is a chance for churches and individuals, that maybe can’t support our ministry on a regular basis, to support it through an annual offering and another way for supporting churches to keep the needs of the ministry here before the hearts of their people. It is always moving to see the Lord move in people’s hearts as they practice joyful sacrifical missions giving.

This year we have embarked in a few remodeling projects at our Mount of Olives camp. When we’re done with this year’s efforts, we will have two brand new bathhouses (boys’ and girls’). This camp has been instrumental in reaching, evangelizing, discipling and training a whole generation for the Lord in Portugal and we believe God will continue to use it. Write to us if you would like to know more about the camp.

What can you do? 

  • Let us know that you are praying for Portugal. If you can, send us a picture of yourself wearing the Portuguese colors (red and green). That would be great! Why not invite some friends for a time of prayer for Portugal?
  • Share this post with your friends and let them know about Portugal Day.
  • Give and encourage others to give. Gifts can be sent to our church at: Narragansett Bay Baptist Church 1642 W Shore Rd Warwick, RI 02889. 100% of the funds are sent to Reach Portugal.
  • This is 100% voluntary. Any amount can go a long way towards the ministry here, but we do not love you less if you decide not to give.

Note: We will be collecting the “Portugal Day Offering” until the end of July.