Introducing: Portugal Day Offering

Aura and I have been in the ministry in Portugal since 2004. Since 2013, we are church planting missionaries to the country of Portugal, sent by Narragansett Bay Baptist Church, in Warwick Rhode Island. We are currently serving in the center part of Portugal, in the city of Castelo Branco.
We have never been at a full support level. We have met several churches and individuals who, even though they are not in a position to partner with us for monthly support are, nevertheless, supportive of our ministry. For people and churches in this situation, we have decided to create a yearly special offering we are calling “Portugal Day Offering”. The national holiday known as “Portugal Day” is on June 10th and the offering would be on that day, or the Sunday that comes after it.
How can you get involved?
(1) Send us a note to let us know if you will be participating in this year’s “Portugal Day Offering”.
(2) Promote the “Portugal Day Offering” in  your church, with your friends, social media, etc.
(3) Send the offering to our sending church via PayPal, or any other way of your choosing (those details are available at
How will this year’s offering be used?
This offering is 100% for ministry needs. This year we will be using it to go towards the work on our church building: painting, building walls, extra chairs and other furnishings, etc.
Let us know if you have any other questions regarding this.
Thank you for your prayers and support of the ministry in Portugal.
Mark and Aura Pereira