Mark and Aura Pereira | September-October ’15 Prayer Letter

Dear Prayer Partners,                                                                                     September-October 2015


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Thank you so much for your prayers. We really believe they do make a difference. In an unreached country like Portugal the way to plant a church is a little more complex than just passing out a few thousand flyers and expect people to show up. We need to be creative and intentional in our approach. This month we would like to tell you a little more about some of the activities we have going on to reach out into the community, establish relationships and expose people to the Gospel.


English Lessons:

In September we restarted our English lessons. This time around we started the lessons one hour before our Tuesday night Bible Study. The Lord also opened the door for us to start another class after the Bible Study. The students from the first hour are invited to stay for the Bible Study. The ones that want a second hour a week, have extra encouragement to stay for the Bible Study. The ones that only come for the second hour, usually get there with enough time to hear part of the Bible Study. We have about a dozen people taking these lessons. Please pray for this ministry.


Adult Literacy Class:

Recently we were asked if we offered lessons to teach adults how to read and write. We found out that this is a lot more of a problem than we though and there is nobody in town offering these lessons. We have started with two students and we know of at least two more that want to come. We were told that years ago someone started a class like this in this town and in no time the class grew to over 30 in attendance. Historically this has always been a way to evangelize and we are planning to use the Bible as a textbook as much as possible. Will you pray that the Lord would put us in contact with the people in need of this resource?


Youth activities:

We opened our home one Wednesday night this month for a special youth night. We had pizza, popcorn and we watched a Creation vs. Evolution debate where the Gospel was presented. Our two university girls brought a friend and she has since come to our Bible Study night as well. We are praying that Ana will get saved soon. She seems very interested. We certainly want to do more of these activities. Please pray that we can reach more young people with the Gospel this way.


Thank you for your love and support for the ministry in Portugal.

In His Service, Mark and Aura Pereira