Mark and Aura Pereira – July 2015 Prayer Letter

Dear Prayer Partners,

Vitaly, opening the door between the two sides of our church building


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Thank you so much for praying for the remodeling work in the church building in Castelo Branco. By the grace of God all of the 800$ needed for the first phase of the work has been donated. A large percentage of this was donated by some of our own people. Being aware of how much they are hurting with unemployment and other problems makes this an even bigger blessing.

The group from the church in PA were a huge blessing. Along with some of our church people a lot was accomplished in just a few days:

  • A door was opened on the concrete wall that separates the two sides of our building.
  • All the partitions were taken down and the auditorium is at least twice the size it was.
  • Paint was removed from windows.
  • Blinds were put up.
  • Walls were prepared for paint.
  • The windows on the auditorium side were treated with thermal window film.

The Lord blessed as we found a door that was not needed in the new side of the church that was the exact size we needed for new opening. This was very helpful as the necessary thermal window film was more expensive than anticipated. We are very happy and thankful that the Lord is providing for the needs and it is even an opportunity to encourage the local believers in their giving for the Lord’s work.

We are going now to proceed with the work. The next steps involve getting new signs for the church, more chairs for the auditorium and painting the auditorium and foyer area. Please pray for the work being done this next month and for the Lord to continue to provide the necessary finances.

We had a wonderful camp this month of July. Four young people from our church in Castelo Branco were able to attend this year’s camp. Eight other churches sent campers and/or workers. It was exciting to see young people saved, others making decisions about their walk with the Lord and even some that feel called for the ministry. Some campers from previous years were made junior counselors, with one young man delivering his first chapel message. He did a great job! It is exciting to imagine all that the Lord is going to do in Portugal in the next few years through these young servants.

Thank you for your love and support for the ministry in Portugal.

In His Service, Mark and Aura Pereira