June ’15 Prayer Letter – Mark and Aura Pereira

Dear Prayer Partners,                                                                                     June 2015

[Click here for PDF version PEREIRA 6-15]

A few months ago we noticed a building for rent not far from where we have the church in the city of Castelo Branco. We were curious about the price, but mostly about the size, as we felt we needed some more classroom space. When we called the realtor, they told us the place was not available anymore but that they had another building on the opposite end of town that they wanted to show us. It was very well located, cheaper than what we had and twice the size. We had the church people go and see it, we prayed and the decision was made to move to this new building.

Our landlord mentioned that he was sad to see us leave but not much else was said at the time. So we started to pack up a few things in preparation for the move. When we were about to sign the contract for the new place, our landlord called me in for a meeting. He had a building on the other side of the one we were currently using. It used to be a children’s daycare. How about we stay and he would give us the other side as well and keep the rent almost the same? It was the ideal situation! We were not expecting it. So we more than doubled our church building without having to move. What a blessing!

Last Sunday we had our first meal in the new building.

In just a few days a group from a church in PA is coming to help us do some construction work on the new building. Here is a little of what is going to happen.

  • We will be opening a door on the concrete wall that separates the two sides.
  • We will be taking down some partitions and expanding the current auditorium.
  • A door and a small wall will go on the back of the new auditorium.
  • Painting
  • New church signs

Along with the group from PA, the Lord has given our church a new family. The husband works on construction and he will be helping with these projects.

We are prepared to complete these projects slowly, as the funds become available. The church in Castelo Branco is also giving according to their means. As you know, our work fund is not what it should be. We believe that we could complete all of this for about 800$. Any amount you feel led to give would be a huge blessing. All donations for this project should go to our sending church designated as “Portugal Building Project”.

Thank you for your love and support for the ministry in Portugal.

In His Service, Mark and Aura Pereira