[Guest Post] In Defense of Mission Trips – Chris Stansell


Bro. Chris Stansell is an evangelist based out of Springfield, TN (South Haven Baptist Church). He has preached and sung in over 3000 churches, in 49 States and 36 different countries. Bro. Stansell, with his wife Kim, have been married for 25 years. It was a joy to have Bro. Stansell visit our ministry a few years ago. He has been a friend of Reach Portugal ever since.

In 1982 I was able to take my first Mission trip. I was on a team from a Christian College preaching and singing in a quartet on a border town in Texas. The pastor took us into Mexico for 2 days. I experienced the true definition of the phrase, ” A real eye opener.”  In the genuine sense of the phrase this was a life changing eye opener for me. I saw people living in another country where they did not have churches, they did not have the gospel readily available, and they did not have the same culture as I did.

Each of these truths are very important when trying to obey what we commonly refer to as the Great Commission.  Spreading the Gospel to every creature is paramount!  The Bible says in Lamentations 3:51 “Mine eye affecteth mine heart”.  When you see people that are in need it dictates your heart to have compassion. When you have compassion on the souls of men it dictates your actions to show the compassion by giving them the Gospel in hopes of them receiving Jesus Christ as their Savior. After all, when you love people like Jesus did on earth you desire to see them redeemed and on their way to Heaven!

I teach and preach and encourage people to take a mission trip somewhere to see the need of Lost Souls. I had the privilege to be in Portugal with brother Mark a few years ago. I can honestly say that my burden changed for the countries of Portugal and Spain. The short time we went briefly into the country of Spain motivated me and planted a seed in my heart. Now less than 1 year ago I also took a mission trip to the country of Spain and ministered with 3 different missionaries there. Part of the reason was because I saw the need first hand.

I also pray for brother Mark in a much more educated fashion because I have seen him pastor a Portuguese speaking church and an English speaking church. When I preached for him I saw his heart for his people. I heard many illustrations of all of the hundreds of towns that have never had a Bible preaching church in an 1800 year history. It is powerful to see the need.

Recently a group from my home church saw the ministry in Portugal, in person. I have spoken to three of those men about their trip. All of them have a completely different burden for the need in the country of Portugal, and for the spreading of the Gospel.

God has been very gracious to me and allowed me to preach for many missionaries in a few dozen different countries. I can tell you by my own observation that it is very difficult for me to do anything less than work as hard as I can and go as far as I can to spread the gospel, and to help the missionaries that are spreading the gospel, and to encourage the churches and Christians that are sending the missionaries. I humbly admonish you to do the same. There are hundreds of missionaries on six continents. They would love to have you visit them and come alongside them and help in the ministry. You would definitely be a blessing to them. You would also be a blessing to yourself in serving the Lord in a greater capacity!

Chris Stansell


Nashville, TN