January 2015 Prayer Letter – Specific Needs Edition


Every now and again we are asked about specific needs and projects that people and churches can have an active hand in. We are very much aware of the “missionary/mooch-anary” debate, but we also know that if we don’t share the specific needs, it is harder for people to join us in prayer and giving. In this letter we want to give you some very specific prayer requests. This is what it is. Even when you are not able to give financially, we believe in, value and testify of the power of answered prayer.

[Here you can download the PDF version of this letter]


Last week Aura went to the doctor and she has an ovarian cyst and a gallstone. Right now we are waiting for the results of some more tests and Aura has begun taking some specific medication. We will be going back to the doctor soon and find out more about how to proceed. We appreciate your prayers on Aura’s behalf.

The gift of music

Our church plant (we plan to organize it in June) in Northern Lisbon is in need of a piano. This church has a good piano player, but no good piano. A piano has been located and they have started praying for the Lord to provide. I believe they are planning to start saving towards this need, any amount towards this would be a huge encouragement for this small group of believers. (Needed for this, 1000$)

Moving in

We have been living in a room in the back of our church plant since we arrived in July. We were finally able to find a house, we have started to move and we sign the lease in February. At first we were told that the house would have some furniture, but things have changed. The landlord needed the furniture for another one of his properties. We already have some furniture and household items, (mattress, fridge, washer and dryer, dishes, pots and pans), but we will need to get most of everything else. We just heard of a church in NJ that gave 200$ towards our move. (Still needed for this, 800$)

Reaching out

We are planning to reach each home in our new city (Castelo Branco, Portugal) with a professionally designed newsletter with a Gospel presentation, information about the church and invitation to come to our services. These will be distributed through the local Post Office services. After the distribution in complete we will knock on every door in the city with a personal invitation and Gospel literature. We are excited to see what the Lord is going to do through this. (Already given for this, 1300$; Still needed for this, 700$)

Honored to represent you in Portugal,

In His Service,

Mark and Aura Pereira