Rejoicing Over a Far Away Missions Conference


Our sending church is having their Annual Missions Conference this week. We are happy for them. Their commitment in serving the Lord and obeying the Great Commission is an example and inspiration. It is hard to believe that it was just last year that we were there and witnessed how they took an even bigger step in attempting to reach Portugal with the Gospel of Christ. We were thrilled to join our church brethren door knocking and inviting people to church in the streets of Warwick, RI.

But now we are in Portugal. What is it to us? Well, I want to tell you that when we hear about missions conferences happening all over America, that it fills us with joy. This is what you are telling us when you pour your hearts in what surely is the highlight of your church year:

Your missions conference tells us that we are not alone

We have answered the call to come to the mission field, but it is wonderful to know that there are people holding the ropes. What a joy to hear that you have called a special time in your church calendar to encourage each other. That you are calling others to join in the essential ministry of supporting world missions!

Your missions conference prove that Jesus words are true

Jesus said that the gates of hell would not prevail against His victorious church. Your missions conference shows to the whole world that the Gospel preaching church in on the attack, rescuing daily those that had belonged to the darkness. The fact that you are organizing to reach even more of the lost, shows your faith in the Savior.

Your missions conference tells us that reinforcements are coming

What a better time than a missions conference to challenge others with the need of a lost and dying world. How many young people have been called to the mission field during an annual missions conference? We need more people to commit to come to Portugal. Your missions conference tells us that they are on their way.

Your missions conference assures us that you are praying

And how we need your prayers! But during your conference the flags will be up, the missionaries names will be displayed in different places and you will be reminded to pray. The ones that already pray, will be encouraged to continue and others will join the ranks of the prayer army. Your prayers sustain us on the field. When we hear about your conference we are reminded of your prayers and we are blessed.

Thank you for your investment in world missions. We know that many hours and much effort goes into the conference. We know that those that already give so much, will be challenged to have faith, and give even more. Hear us when we say, it is worth it!