The 100th post


I looked at our website’s dashboard (seriously, that is how it’s called) earlier this week and noticed that we had 99 posts. According to a friend of mine who is a mathematician, this is our 100th post. I wanted to make it special, but probably will fail.

When we started this website last year (check out our very first post), we were still in Portugal, I was still pastoring the church in Albufeira and we were planning our trip to the US. A lot has happened since the first post and the Lord has blessed us beyond degree. We completed our 10 month deputation and we are back in Portugal. Our work while on the road is still giving us results. Just last week we heard of a new supporting church!

We are so thankful for what this website allows us to do. Through, we can share our prayer requests instantly with thousands of people. Many of you have written, through the website, and shared comments, questions and even your own prayer requests. We consider each one of our readers as a gift from God. We try to serve you to the best of our ability and we never take you for granted. Your prayers, comments and emails are so, so important. Thank you.

Last October, we made it a personal goal to always try to reach more and more people through this website. This is an extension of another goal we made before going on deputation. Our goal then was to name Portugal and its need where it had never been named before. We believe has helped us do this. You have allowed us to make our goal. Since October, every month we’ve had more visitors than the month before.

So, it is because of your support that today we get to 100 posts. Maybe you are a member of one of our supporting churches, maybe you are here because we work together in the ministry or because we share a love for Portugal. Thank you for your support.

Lets continue to Reach Portugal with the Gospel of Christ!