[Photos] First Anniversary of New Church Plant

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Last Sunday we were in Castanheira do Ribatejo (North of Lisbon) to help the brethren there celebrate the first anniversary of the start of that church plant. What a special service it was! Bro. Tito is leading that work and doing such a great job! Pray for him as we have a ordination service scheduled in Albufeira for next month.

It was a joy to see the group of believers the Lord as already put together in the new location. We were so happy to see the lady that recently got saved there and the others that have manifested their desire to join as soon as the church is organized. It was great to see the local people get together and help Tito and his wife with all the little details of the special service.

We are still praying about maybe organizing next year. Please join us praying for this new church and pastor in Portugal.