A pastor’s wife goes on deputation (a post by Aura)

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After some convincing, Aura agreed to write a post for the website. I am very happy she did. She is the sweetest more supportive wife there is. I hope you take a few moments to read what she wrote.

Why would a pastor’s wife let her husband pack up her house and drag her all over creation? 

First of all, my name is Aura. I was a pastor’s wife for ten years. I thought we would always be at our church. I thought this would be until the Lord’s return or until we would go to Glory. God had different plans altogether! 

We serve in the country of Portugal. I grew up in Portugal as a missionary kid. The first time we came to work here was in 1989. I have seen the good and the bad. The Lord used all these years to change my heart to serve him without a doubt. 

In July, 2013, my husband sat me down to tell me something. I knew it was a big deal because my husband never spends money on a fancy lunch during the week! He proceeded to tell me that the Lord has called him to be a missionary instead. When I heard this I was half surprised and half not.

The reason I was not completely surprised is because he has had an uncanny ability to move to a new house almost every year. Of course I kept asking why do we move so much? He didn’t have an answer. I knew something was up, but couldn’t pin him down. Now I knew that the Lord had been working on him for quite a while. 

The plan was to pack up our house, leave our church (to a newly ordained pastor), and go around the States for about a year. Let’s just say the it was a lot to swallow. This was in July, and the plan was to leave in September. That meant leaving behind the people that we had labored with for so long. That meant leaving HOME. We know how us ladies are. We like our place, we like our spot, our kitchen, our life! 

When something like this happens, you have to step back. You pray that you can help your husband to do the right thing. I prayed and I prayed! I asked the Lord, “is this truly what you want us to do?” The answer came back as a yes. As I am praying, we are packing up our stuff, saying our goodbyes. I was afraid of going back. I didn’t know how it was going to go. The Lord impacted my heart. Everywhere I looked, it was like He was saying “you need to trust me, no matter what.” I had to learn that God is in control.

So we did the trip around the states for ten months instead of twelve. You need to be adjustable. There is no other way to do it. God has taken care of us throught snow and sun.

Let me explain why we did it. There are few churches in Portugal and we would like to address that problem. Through this trip we were able to get support for what we will be doing. We will be starting churches and at the same time we will be training pastors. That’s how it happened with us. My husband was saved and trained under a missionary (it just happened that it was my dad). We want to continue that way, training people as we plant new churches. 

I can tell you I have the most wonderful husband. He was so understanding during the months on the road, very good at keeping everything calm. He always had time to answer my questions. I cannot ask for a better husband. I am so blessed beyond degree!


All I know is that it was all worth it all!