Everything Portugal: Bundle of Resources


Over the past few months, we have been able to put together a few resources about Portugal. These cover a wide variety of themes and offer good insight into this wonderful country. To make it easier for you to access all of these, we have bundled them together for your convenience. Let us know if any of these have been helpful.


Questions about Portugal: Where is Portugal?

Questions About Portugal: How is the Economy Doing?

Questions about Portugal: Is there persecution?

Questions About Portugal: “What do people eat?”


[Watch and Share] Pereira Presentation Video!

Wow! This Coca-Cola comercial shot on a Portuguese island is a must-see

Video Interview with Pastor Todd Stricklin

Interview with Pr. Gerald McPillips (video)


Freedom Day for Portugal

The History of Portugal (in less than 1000 words)

The Great Lisbon Earthquake

The Flag

The Flag (II): The Christian Symbols in the Portuguese Flag


Portuguese Sayings Translated into English


Learn How to Make Portuguese Food: Portuguese Recipes in English

Watch an American trying Portuguese food


41 Things You Didn’t Know About Portugal

What About Portugal?