We are back in Portugal! (4 important prayer requests)

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We are back! (Kind of… feeling sleepy, even after sleeping for more than 12 hours last night.)

This was probably one of the smoothest trips we have ever been in. Seriously. I have lost more luggage than anyone I know. I have lost count the amount of times one (or all) of my bags had to be sent to me a few days after the trip. This time, not even that happened. I think I found the trick. I just have to put some of Aura’s stuff in my bag (which I did this time) and, voila! Bags are here! Thank you so much for praying for our trip. It was obvious that you did.

I just want to share with you some specific prayer requests of things that are going on right now.

  1. Saturday we will be going to Albufeira (first time since the new pastor was voted in). Pr. Lenildo leaves tomorrow to go to Brazil. His brother, Max, had an accident and is in a coma. Please pray for him and for this trip. He has requested our help with the church while he is away. This is a very unfortunate and obviously unanticipated situation.
  2. Sunday, 13th is the first anniversary service for the new church plant in Castanheira (Lisbon). I will be preaching that service. Please pray that this will be used as an opportunity for local people to visit the church.
  3. July 21st is the start of the first of the 2 camps we are having this year. Please pray for these to have an impact in the young people’s lives (and in ours as well). I will be preaching the evening service in both camps.
  4. In the end of August we’ll have the ordination service (in Albufeira) fro Bro. Tito. Bro. Tito is a graduate of our Bible Institute and has been leading the work of the new church plant.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Feel free to comment below with questions about our next few weeks in Portugal.