Wow! This Coca-Cola comercial shot on a Portuguese island is a must-see


Coca-Cola went to the smallest island of the Azores (Portuguese islands in the middle of the Atlantic) and shot an amazing comercial for the World Cup. On that island only live 398 people. Well, Coca-Cola took each one of them a personalized can of Coke. Portuguese soccer legend Pedro Pauleta, landed on the island of Corvo with 398 cans of Coke and personally gave one to each person on that island. What a publicity stunt! What do you think those people will be drinking during the World Cup? Genius!

The island of Corvo is an amazing place. There is only one town and everybody knows everybody. Literally. The longest road is not even 6 miles and it leads to the pastures used to get some of the best dairy products in the world. In a time when America already had TV, this island would get mail in November, and then it would be completely cut off from the world until the boat came again in February. It has a little over 60 vehicles and the gas station opens one hour every day. That when its owner finishes up his job at the hospital and “stops by” on his way home. Amazing place.

I want us to think about something. If Coca-Cola can put a personalized can of Coke in the hands of every inhabitant of this island, is is too much to want to take the personalized message of Jesus to each person in Portugal in our generation? We have a higher motivation – God’s glory. We have the message. We have the power. We even have the means and the people. We just have to get it together. Will you help us? Will you come?