[Read and Share] Pereira Prayer Letter May ’14

pereira prayer letter

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Thank you for all the prayers that were offered for Alex, our pastor’s daughter. She passed away to be with the Lord on May 1st. We would ask you to continue to be in prayer for the Stricklin family. The sufficient grace of God has been theirs every single day. The testimony of their faith in the Lord, thorugh this hard situation has been obvious and an inspiration to many. The Stricklins have decided to bring glory to God through this by doing all they can to help others that suffer from Children’s Pulmonary Hypertension, the condition that affected Alex. They are in the initial stages of creating Alexandria’s Foundation. We would ask you to visit www.cphawareness.org and find out how you can help in this very worthy cause. Already through this organization the Gospel has reached the ears of people that might not have otherwise have been exposed to it.

Our support level continues to increase. We are now at 63%. This is the last month of our deputation trip. On July 1st we will be returning to Portugal. My visa only allows me to be in the US untill July 2nd, so we would ask you to continue to pray that we will have the needed suport before the date of our return. Our calendar is full, but we have been talking to some churches that wanted us to present our ministry in one of their services and we are stydying alternative ways to accomplish this, even after we are back in Portugal. We have determined that showing our 5 minute video and then presenting the ministry through Skype, is a good option for those churches that have the means to do this. Please share this with your pastor friends. We are more than willing to make it happen and share our burden for Portugal thorugh the venues allowed by modern technology.

We were so happy to get the news that four new converts have been baptized in the church in Albufeira (southern Portugal). Pr. Lenildo has been doing a great work there and we are excited about these new members added to the body. I was able to meet with the leadership of that church through Skype recently. It was a needed and very profitable meeting. I love those brethren and their heart for serving the Lord.

Please pray as we wrap things up in the US. We still have to be in Arkansas, Indiana, North Carolina, Alabama and then back to Rhode Island. We leave from Boston on July 1st.

In His Service, Mark and Aura Pereira