Alex is in Heaven

Alex is in Heaven

Yesterday I asked you to pray for Alex, our pastor’s daughter. She is now with her Savior. These are the words of her father, “Our dear Alex is healed for eternity. She is with her Savior. Every person that offered prayer across the globe during this whirlwind receives our gratitude.”

Thank you so much for the way your responded and got together to pray for Alex. I would ask you to do the same now and pray for this dear family.

When we say that Alex is in Heaven we don’t mean that lightly. Alex came to a moment in her life when she became aware of the truth about herself. She realized that she was wholly unprepared to meet a Holy God. Alex also found the truth about the Savior. She trusted Jesus to be righteousness in her place. Because she received Christ, she also received His life, eternal life. Alex is now contemplating His sweet face. For the Christian, Christ is all there is.

This is not the wishful thinking kind of Heaven of dead religion. this is truth because Jesus is truth.

Heaven has just become so much sweeter because our sweet friend is there. All that are in Christ will be there soon. My friend, have you received Christ? Is Heaven real for you?