5 Days to Preach 45 Sermons


Recently, through a pastor where we were in 2008 I heard of a ministry that is putting together Bible video programming, in as many languages as they can, to be used in satellite television channels all over the world. I was able to contact them and, as a result, I will be spending all of next week at Lighthouse Global Studios in Dawsonville, GA recording Portuguese sermons in video. The goal is to record three sermons (28 minutes each) every 2 hours, five days straight. I have a very clear direction that I am trying to go with these sermons, and have been working on this project, but, to be honest with you, I don’t think I have ever preached 45 sermons in 5 days (46, if you count the Wednesday night meeting where we will be that week). So, I am asking that you will join us praying for this work.

The Portuguese language is one of the most spoken in the world. By the grace of God, these videos have guaranteed placing in the largest Portuguese speaking country in the world Brazil (230 million people).

I really believe that now is the time to produce good quality materials to reach our world with the Gospel. The numbers that we have tell us that there are more people watching videos than ever before. After the videos have been edited, they will be given to us, free of charge, and we will be able to use them as well  in our ministry in Portugal.

Thank you all for your prayers and support to Reach Portugal with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.