[Read and Share] March 2014 Prayer Letter – Answered Prayer


[You can download the PDF version of this letter here]

Answered prayer. What a wonderful thing that through Christ we are heard before the Most High God. Thank you for praying for the items on our last Prayer Letter. We feel that the Lord answered each one of your prayers. We were able to get even more meetings scheduled. This is so special because some of these are very short notice. Our schedule is almost full, but we are now excited to see what the Lord will do with the few opening that we have. Even though our trip was shorter than we had initially anticipated we will be in more than 60 churches all over the US.

We are also thankful to report that we did hear back from some of the churches regarding support. Since our last Prayer Letter we have a few more supporting churches and our support level is now at 49.8%. That is a huge answer to prayer so we ask you to please keep praying that all the support will come in before we go back to Portugal on July 1st.

Preparations for the missions’ trip to Portugal in 2015 are going well. The dates we are working on are May 29th to June 6th. There are a few families interested and it seems that the group will reach its capacity soon. Please pray for this trip and for all the literature that we want to distribute during that time.

This month we had some excellent meetings. One of those was a Missions Conference at Faith Baptist Church (Lebanon, PA). Through their sacrificial giving we have now started a fund to eventually buy a digital printing press for the ministry in Portugal. We will be giving you more information about this project in the future, but this is something that is close to our hearts and we see this as a tremendous tool for evangelism, training and church planting. With this equipment we will be able to print good quality tracts, brochures, magazines, discipleship materials, Bible Institute materials, Sunday School materials and many other things. The fund is now available for your prayerful consideration. We have 5% of what we estimate the cost to be.

Finally, thank you for praying for the young people’s Winter Camp in Portugal. One great blessing we want to share here (there were many more). The Sunday after the camp, the mother of a girl that came to camp came to church for the first time. After the service, she was gloriously saved! Please pray for her (her name is Loreni). Her daughter that came to camp, and has been coming to church for a while, still needs to be saved.

In His Service, Mark and Aura Pereira