Sunday Missions Devotional: Who is listening?


“Therefore will I give thanks unto thee, O LORD, among the heathen, and sing praises unto thy name.”

Psalm 18:49

I like the “therefores” in Scripture. This is the conclusion of a great psalm. David has just been delivered from all his enemies and confirmed as the king of Israel. It was no small feat. In fact, it was a miracle. He then writes this psalm to rejoice in the fact that he has been victorious over his great enemies. But this psalm is a psalm of praise. David worships the Lord that was behind his victories and not his own ability to win them. Because there is such a great God, therefore, I will give thanks to Him. I will also, he says, make it a point to thank and honor God “among the heathen”. When I thank and praise my God, I will make sure the ones that don’t know Him yet get to hear me. If you have been saved and purified from your sins, by the blood of Jesus Christ, you have won victory over your most fierce enemy. Jesus is our victory! We must thank Him and we must praise Him. We can’t make a secret out of the reality of our salvation. There are others that don’t know that they too could be victorious. There are others that fight everyday against this formidable adversary. They nee to hear us thank the Lord Jesus! Dear brother, dear sister, are you thankful for your Savior? Are you thanking Him only among those that already know Him? Will you consider thanking Him today among the heathen? Will you pray that missionaries will have freedom and opportunity to praise the Savior where He is not praised?