Ben, the Illusionist


Whenever we are in a church, part of what I do is telling people about Portugal. Actually, I try to get people excited about Portugal. That is not hard to do because I am excited about Portugal.

Recently, in South Carolina, I had the privilege of meeting my friend Benjamin Gerard. Ben in 14 (almost 15, he says), and he is an illusionist. It didn’t take much time in our conversation for his passion for illusions to come out. I thought, “this is cool”. Ben told me that he has been doing illusions since he was a very young child. A lot of times, he has used his love for illusionism as a ministry. You know, Ben is also a dedicated Christian and has a good testimony of following the Lord with his life.

I told my friend Ben, that if he got permission from his family and pastor, and if he could raise the money himself, that we could use him in Portugal. I challenged him to think about coming for a short missions trip and we would put together some evangelistic illusionism shows. I know that would work in Portugal.

“Oh, me of little faith!” I never thought Ben would get as excited about it as he is. Right now, Benjamin is putting together a show (probably in June) to raise the money needed for his missions trip to Portugal. He will probably need more than 15oo$ to pay for tickets and other expenses. Would you pray with me about this project?

Why is this a good thing?

  • Through this we can impact more people in the US for the need that Portugal has of the gospel.
  • Here we have a young man willing to use his gifts and talents for the glory of God.
  • This has the potencial of reaching people that might not be reached in other ways.

How can you help?

  • You can visit Ben’s facebook page and click “Like”. This will increase his visibility and the success of his ticket sales.
  • You can share this post and Ben’s facebook page to your contact list.
  • If you feel so led, you can donate for this project by sending a check to our sending church (address in the bottom of this page) and reference it as “Ben’s Missions Trip”. You can also donate via Paypal (please email me for details).

We will keep you posted on how everything is going.

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1642 W Shore Rd
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