January 2014 Prayer Letter


This month we had to do a little adjustment to our deputation plans. Due to my visa situation, I had to cancel our trip to Canada to visit churches there. We have also had to move up our return to Portugal from August 4th to the 1st of July. This means that we will have even less time than we had planned to raise the support that we need to continue our church planting work in Portugal. This month we would ask you to pray that we would start hearing back from the churches we have already visited and that they will take us on for support. Because of this change of plans, we are now looking for some churches to go to during the month of April. I have never booked any meetings by sharing about it in a Prayer Letter, but your prayers are appreciated.

On January 5th we started the biggest drive of our lives. We drove from Warwick, RI to Phoenix, AZ. Not knowing the terrain, we trusted the route the GPS had for us. We drove pretty much a straight line through the states with the worse weather. I had never driven on snow or ice before, but we pressed on trying to make it to our meeting in Phoenix. One of the days, in Indiana, it took us 10 hours to drive 200 miles! Driving very slowly on the icy road, we could see dozens of cars and trucks upside down and in the ditches. By the grace of God we made it to Phoenix. Even though we did not make it in time for that first meeting, we are so thankful for God’s protection during that trip.

The meetings out West have been going very well. It is always a privilege to mention the need of the people of Portugal in places where that need has never been mentioned before. We had the chance to talk about our ministry in Portugal on a Christian radio in Tucson. Pr. Jon Shuerger has a radio show called “Ask For The Old Paths”. The whole show was about Portugal! We are thankful for the opportunity.

Please continue to pray for Portugal. We hear of new people hearing the good news of the Gospel. We hear of people growing in their walk and Christian service. We also hear of the enemy attacking families and of some being influenced by false doctrine. Please continue to pray for the salvation of souls in the country of Portugal.

In His Service,

Mark and Aura Pereira