The Flag

Lisbon, Portugal

Sunday, September 1st, was our first sunday in the US for our one year deputation time. Our church in Rhode Island ( held a special service for us where they prayed specifically for the Lord to bless our time here with safety and the support needed for the ministry in Portugal to continue.

There were many special details in that service. The people’s support, the words from the pastor, everyone going out of their way to be a blessing, the cake (and everyone knows I am pro-cake), all these things worked together to make this service one of the more special days of our lives. We want to thank our pastor and our church family for being such a blessing.

There was one thing, however, that was a unique blessing to our hearts. The church placed, on the wall, by the pulpit, a Portuguese flag. We were told that that flag will stay there during our stay in the US and Canada, as a reminder for the people to be praying for us.

I pray that I may never forget, as well, to pray for the lost in this country that I love.