July ’13 Prayer Letter

Dear Prayer Partners,

We are praising the Lord for the seven converts we had the privilege to baptize this month in Southern Portugal. The Sunday before the baptisms we had a special service and all seven of them shared with the church their testimonies of salvation. I never get tired of hearing how someone came to know Christ and trust Him and Him alone for salvation. After the service a lady came forward saying she was concerned about her own salvation. She grew up in a Christian home, but she is sure she was never truly born again. Please pray for this lady, even though we shared the Bible message with her, she still does not have full assurance of salvation.

We continue having regular services at the new church plant in Northern Lisbon. Bro. Tito is taking care of the day-to-day needs of the work there and he continues his theological education. We have taken our church van there a few times and I have had the chance to preach there. There is a lady there that attends all services, but still is not saved. Her name is Lisete. Recently I had a tremendous chance to share the Gospel with her. Lisete said she had never heard that you could know for sure you are saved and going to heaven. I left her with my phone number and she said that she would contact if she had more questions or got saved! Please pray for her salvation. That would be the first fruit of this new church planting effort.

This month of July we had our best youth camp yet! Four kids got saved and many other made important decisions about their walk with Christ. We believe that these camps can be greatly used by God to call a new generation of full time Christian workers for the Portuguese field. Pray that we will see more of these young people called and through our Bible Institute program.

We now have only four Sundays before our one year trip to the US and Canada to raise support for our ministry here in Portugal (we are still booking meetings!). I praise the Lord for my wife. She has been doing such a wonderful job planning and preparing for this trip and for the ministry transition that is requires. Aura has successfully turned over most of her ministry work to other people in the church (she says it feels weird) and I have done the same. Each one of those four remaining Sundays is packed full of activities, though. We will be having a Missions’ Conference, a preaching trip to the church plant in Northern Lisbon, an ordination service for Bro. Lenildo and the last Sunday will be for all the goodbyes. Please pray for us and for our church people in Albufeira during this time.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

In His Service,

Mark and Aura Pereira